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150th Anniversary - Battle of Fredericksburg DVD to be produced by HMLLC

10% of the proceeds of all sales to be donated to Civil War battlefield preservation both in Fredericksburg and Stafford county


The 150th Anniversary of  The Battle of Fredericksburg" Fire on the Rappahannock”
December 7-9, 2012 – Fredericksburg, Virginia




Between December 11th and 15th, 1862 some 172,000 combined  Federal and Confederate forces fought a bloody battle in the then small town of Fredericksburg, VA.  Of these forces casualties reached nearly 18,000 and three quarters of those were Federal.  In these days of brutal battle several military "firsts" were recorded. The first marine landing of American troops, the first street fighting.

This year 2012 marks the 150th anniversary of this milestone event  forever entering Fredericksburg in history books. The National Park Service and the BFCC, (Handling the Reenactors), has  recreated those fateful days.


The program lasted three days and covered pontoon crossing, street battles, cannon shelling the town  and the epic Union charge on the famous "Stone Wall" along with educational programs and living histories of civilian life during the occupation. This event will go down as one of the best, most exciting  and well organized ever. The reenactment took place on the very ground the soldiers fought on in 1862!

Heritage Media, LLC has obtained exclusive filming rights to this exciting program  and will produce a commemorative DVD of this once in a lifetime event. This DVD will be filmed in high definition with multiple cameras and several embedded within the reenactors ranks for a point of view rarely seen.

We will produce a limited quantity of these DVDs so we are accepting requests for them now. We expect the retail price point to be $15.95 each and should be available by end of January. HMLLC will also donate 10% of the proceeds of all sales to Civil War battlefield preservation both in the Fredericksburg, (The Central Virginia Battlefields Trust),  and Stafford county, (Friends of Stafford Civil War Sites)

To be added to our request list simply e mail your request with number of DVDs you want and we will add your e mail address. When the DVDs are available we will send you notification and handle payment then. So get your DVD request in today! These will be produced in a limited number, once they are gone, well, there gone.

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